Practicing Positive Reinforcement For Your Dog With Treats

Everyone deserves some yummies, even your fluffy child. And what better way to reinforce good behavior than some mouth-watering treats for your doggo?

Positive reinforcement is crucial to training pets. It lets your little buddy know that they’re catching up gives them a sense of happiness.

At Bonne et Filou, we understand the importance of using treats in training and have a little something we’d like to share on the matter. 

Let’s go it then, shall we?

Why Positive Reinforcement Is Essential

When you train your dogs with positive reinforcement, you establish a strong bond with them. Here are a few reasons to supply some lip-smacking treats to your pet.

Recommended By Professional Organizations

Like the good folks at Pet Professional Guild (PPG), many well-known organizations believe that positive reinforcement is an effective way to get good results. 

They believe that tasty treats work best and are a good idea as long as you balance them with your doggo’s regular meals. Although you should be extra careful with young puppers, are they may not be able to digest too many treats at once.

Doggo Rights 

According to research, reward-based training is good for the welfare of your pup. On the contrary, dogs trained with aversive techniques are more likely to show trauma, fear, stress, or anxiety. So the next time your woofer does a good job, toss a treat their way.

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Proper Communication

Positive reinforcement with treats is a good way to communicate with your dogs. The treats help your dogs understand they are doing the right things and will get a reward for it. And everyone enjoys a yummy reward, look at our friend @itsdougthepug making the most of the meal.

Puppers are more likely to repeat such behavior since they understand it is good. Conversely, linking punishment with wrong behavior only teaches dogs that something hurtful comes with that activity, not that it is wrong.

With treats, you can ensure that your doggo gradually builds an understanding of the rules of the house. 

The Importance of Natural Treats

Now that we know why positive reinforcement with treats is good for dogs, we need to understand why you should only give your little bundle of joy natural ingredients.

Doesn’t Trigger Allergic Reactions

Allergy treatment for dogs is extremely difficult. The worst part? Food allergies can manifest themselves in other difficulties, such as severe skin problems.

Feeding your pupper natural treats ensures that there is little to no inflammation. It also reduces the chances of an allergic reaction.

Provides Nutrition

When you pick treats for your pet, shop the same way that you would for yourself. Like us, our pets, too, receive nutrition from wholesome, minimally processed ingredients.

Natural treats contain high-quality ingredients and eliminate chemically processed items.

At Bonne et Filou, we use the finest quality of human-grade ingredients. Our products are completely natural and do not even contain synthetic colors or preservatives.

The zero corn and wheat macarons use ingredients acquired from local suppliers. They are extremely safe and work well for positive reinforcement.

Doesn’t Contain Hormones

Regular doggo treats often contain low-quality and artificial ingredients. These ingredients are derived from animals that are generally flush with hormones and antibiotics.

All-natural treats ensure that your furry friend doesn’t develop immunity against hormones and antibiotics.

Even @jiffpom is being true to healthy diets! 

Improves Mental Health

Mental health issues are pretty sensitive but crucial. Just like humans, dogs too face issues that affect their mental well-being.

Feeding your doggo processed treats results in irritation and causes an imbalance in their gut flora. Dogs also have sensitive stomachs, and such imbalance could cause them great stress and even lead to inflammation.

Look how happy @popeyethefoodie is with some pupper-roni!

Wrapping Up

Your doggos deserve every bit of the chic and classy life that humans tend to keep for themselves. Feeding them good-quality treats for positive reinforcement is a step in that direction.

So what if you can’t take your pooch on a trip to Paris? You can always get a box of macarons and turn your home into a Parisian cafe!

Bonne at Filou believes in treating puppers like royalty. We produce safe macarons that will work wonderfully for your pet’s taste buds and digestive system. Even Marie Claire agrees that our macarons are healthy, perhaps more so than the human ones!

What are you waiting for? Grab a box of delectable treats and show your doggos that you appreciate them!