How to Celebrate Your Dogs This National Dog Day

Not that you need a special day to celebrate your fur babies, but National Dog Day is just around the corner! An entire day dedicated solely to your pooch sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

This day was created with the purpose of not just celebrating your pets but also bringing attention to dogs that have been rescued or are struggling with other issues.

So, how should you go about celebrating the day?

Well, unlike humans, our canine companions are not too fussy. We’ve curated a brief guide to help with some exciting celebration ideas and gifts to make it the happiest day possible for your doggo.

Let’s hop right in and find out what you can do for your precious pets.

Activities To Celebrate National Dog Day

Your little buddies love to have some fun with you. Here are a few activities that you could do together and spend some quality time.

How Does A Grooming Day Sound?

Everyone loves being taken care of, humans and pets alike. You can easily find a local pet boarding and grooming venture that will take good care of your furry friends.

Some commonly offered services are refreshing baths and relaxing spas. You could even get your pet’s nails painted to match yours. So this National Dog Day, pamper your pooch with a full day of grooming by visiting a dog retreat like @sawneedogs.

If you’d rather stay home, read our guide to have a Home Spa Day with your pup!

Host A Paw-rty

Playdates for the win! Take your doggo and invite all of his other furry buddies for a fun day at the park. You could also take your pets to a dog park and introduce them to new dogs, helping them makes friends. Like @lokistagram, have a great time at the park !

Read more about Dog-friendly Places In New York to spend the afternoon with your dog. 

Watch Some Movies

Nothing beats a classic date night, does it? You could stay in with your doggo and snuggle up to watch a few movies. Let’s look at few clicks that will make for a good watch with your pups: the Secret Life Of Pets, homeward Bound, Air Bud, Beethoven, 101 Dalmatians. Read more about Our Favorite Canine Entertainment Legends

 If you want to go out and celebrate, you could also visit outdoor movie theatres or drive-ins and watch movies from the comfort of your car.

Jump Into The Waters

Dogs love the waters. Take your pets to the nearest beach and let them enjoy digging into the sand and playing in the water under the sun.

You can find pet-friendly beaches in almost all regions of the United States. Here are a few places that you can hit up with your dog for the ulti-mutt beach day.

  • Carmel Beach, California
  • Willard Beach, Maine
  • Surfside Beach, Massachusetts
  • Crystal Coast Beaches, North Carolina
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon

Like @manny_the_frenchie, let your dog spend time with his pals in the sun and enjoy your beach trip together! If you don’t want to visit a beach, you could also go to a swimming pool. Doggos love splashing around in the water, no matter where they are.

Best National Dog Day Gifts

There’s no better time for you to spoil your dog silly with gifts. Here are a few picks that’ll surely make your fur child feel pampered.

Make A Fashion Statement

Who says fashion is only for hoomans? Pets can make some statements too! Gift your pupper a few new hoodies and collars to commemorate the special day. Read more about our selection of the 7 best dog accessories you could offer to your dog.

Did Someone Say Treats?

Any celebration is incomplete without treats. Luckily, pet-friendly treats are not so difficult to come by these days. But let’s look a little beyond the basic pup cakes. Have you thought of getting some french bites for your fur baby?

Yes, dogs can indulge in macarons too. We’ve handcrafted a stunning range of macarons at Bonne et Filou that have zero corn or wheat and 100% flavor.

These macarons do not contain any artificial substances such as colors or preservatives. And the best part? Even vets say these are safe for your puppers.

Nothing Like A Comfortable Nap

This is your sign for changing your pet’s bed. Our doggos love a good nap, just as we do. So take this National Dog Day to gift your buddy a luxurious new bed. This donut-shaped Rainlin Pet Bed has our heart. It is made with plush faux fur and offers a safe space for your woof-ball to snooze.


Our dogs deserve to be treated like royalty, and National Dog Day is the perfect occasion to show them how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a beach trip or a cuddly night, spend some quality time with your pets to show them how much they mean to you.

Take your celebrations up a notch by gifting your doggo some delectable macarons from Bonne et Filou. Trust us, you’ll earn some extra brownie points with your precious pets.