Life needs more TAILgates and PUPdowns. While you’re compiling your list of snacks worthy of this year’s Super bowl gathering, don’t forget your furry friend(s) that hang around at your side as you yell, cheer and celebrate for your favorite team. While you’re making your array of delectable goodies to munch on, add a few extra steps into your food prepping to make your pup a small assortment of their treats to enjoy during the game.

Not interested in football? That’s alright. You can watch the Puppy bowl just the same. We know that we cheer for all the adorable pups as they make their way into the endzone! Whether you’re watching the Super bowl or puppies fumbling the ball, do it right, just like @theodorable.teddyTo make it easy for you, here are a few DIY treats for your football lovin’ pets!


What is a celebration without cupcakes? We can’t solely eat wings and veggie trays for the Superbowl. We need team color-coordinated cupcakes, too! To make Peanut Butter Pupcakes, Rover has a fantastic recipe that is low-fat, high-protein, and delicious for your pet. They’re made out of human-grade ingredients and have a sweet potato frosting covering the top. This treat will be sure to get your dog’s tail wagging. To check out the recipe, click here. The photo shown above is from @kikis_canine_kitchen. What colors will you be choosing? Red and black for the Bucs or red and white for the Chiefs?


Cheers! Teddy and Tommy (shown above) know how to down a brew with the boys. Beer is a staple of any sports game, but especially for the Super bowl. While giving your dog a taste of your beer is never a good idea, using pork bone broth to create a unique dog brew, like a knockoff of the one that Busch has for pets, is a great way to make your dog feel like a part of the crew. Trust us; when you serve your pup this bowl of dog brew, they’ll be begging for more. Check out The Dogington Post for their bone broth recipe.



Are deviled eggs on your list of finger foods for the game? How about a recipe that both you and your dog can share? Another high protein snack that you and your pup can enjoy together are football-themed deviled eggs. The website Everyday Dog Mom has a quick and easy recipe to follow to make this snack one that will win over your friends and your pets alike. The above photo was taken from Everyday Dog Mom. If you’re wondering what other recipes you can create to share with your loving pet, Spoon University has a great list, so you’ll never have to say no to their puppy dog eyes again.



Beer, burgers, and bratwurst. The three b’s that you can expect at every football game in the stadium or at home. This recipe is practically like making a cookie (so nothing like grilling a burger) where you combine the ingredients from the Pet Place blog and roll it out as if you’re cutting out your cookies from the sheet. While this treat won’t taste exactly like the original, your pet will still find these dog cookies to be delicious! P.S. - You have to check out Bea eating one of these cookies! Can you say pawdorable?


Meatballs, *ahem* muttballs are a creative way to sneak veggies into your dog’s game day treats. You can make these simple treats by using any grain-free roll recipe that includes meats and veggies. We use the Fresh Pet multi-protein recipe, but you can choose whatever is best for you and your pet. The next step is to add in dog-friendly veggies like carrots, peas, and cucumbers. Once you combine them all, your pup can start to chow down on their muttballs, which are likely to become one of their favorite treats to have them begging on hind legs for more. Find the exact recipe for this DIY at Bark Post.


We know that macarons aren’t precisely common sports foods, but your dog won’t mind! Once they get a bite of our macarons, they’ll be running past the 20-yard line, ready to make a taste bud touchdown. Our macarons are made with human-grade ingredients and are 100% natural. We’d say that’s three points for the Bonne et Filou team.

Whether your favorite team becomes champs or not, with these DIY treats, you’ll be sure to win the heart of your pet. Show us how you spoil your pet with their own personal Super bowl spread. Direct message us at @BonnetFilou on Instagram, or contact us through our website!