Nowadays, we are all trying to make more conscious choices in our daily lives to protect the environment and all the human and non-human generations that are to come. So why not integrate these important principles into the life of our dogs as well? Spoiling our pets doesn’t have to mean things that aren’t good for them or the world. In fact, knowing how much each of us loves our pets should make us more apt to give them items that are good for them.

With the green movement gaining rapid traction, we’re able to find more eco-conscious items available at our fingertips than ever before. Here at Bonne et Filou, we’re pawsitively elated to share our five favorite eco-friendly dog toys that will keep you, your pup, and the planet happy!


Even though this stick is all-natural, it may be the only one that doesn’t create an outdoor mess indoors. In fact, the appearance is so real that you may have to do a double-take. The eco-fetching stick, which we discovered on Earth Hero, has three sustainable layers composed of a natural hemp rope, ethically-sourced wool, and durable hemp canvas. This toy is a win-win because it’s non-toxic and also friendly to the planet. As if we didn’t already sell you on the mess-free toy, it also comes in recyclable packaging!


Just because it’s sustainable doesn’t mean it has to be plain-looking. The Valencia Natural Squeaky Toy comes in several different patterns and colors, but our favorite is the lemon and citrus blossom design. What makes this toy planet-friendly is its cotton canvas exterior and Sustainafill ™ fiber filling. Each product is made in the USA with low-waste manufacturing and natural fabrics so that you can take pride in the toys you provide your special friend. Quite possibly, the best part of purchasing from The Foggy Dog is that each order helps a shelter dog in need.


Whoever said less is more has clearly not seen this Hemp Rope Tug and Fetch Bundle. Not only are the pastel colors super pleasing to the eye, but its natural composition made with sustainable natural woven hemp and recycled cotton lends to the overall aesthetic of this toy. You can wag your tail and rejoice over no more stinky dog breath, as this toy actually acts as a natural toothbrush for your pup while they chew on the tough hemp fibers. The use of hemp is eco-friendly because it grows without the need for a lot of water, and it returns over 50% of its nutrients back into the soil that it’s grown in.


Give your furry friend their own fuzzy companion. Spoiling your pets is easy when you can find toys as cute and eco-conscious as the Organic White Bear Dog Toy from Our Green House. Made with organic cotton and stuffed with all-natural coconut fiber, we think this toy may become their favorite snuggle buddy. Don’t worry, though, not cuddlier than you. Let’s be real, you’re the one who feeds them and takes them out, and you’re the one who gives them the amazing organic toys to play with, too. One of the great things about Our Green House is the array of different eco-friendly toys they have to choose from! Check it out!


Keep your dog active with a toy that they can’t completely chew apart can be tough. However, not tougher than the Eco Fly-N-Tug exercise disk. It’s so durable that it can actually be used as a tug-of-war toy. It is made of natural hemp fabric and compressed wool. Perhaps the biggest reason to purchase this toy from Honest Pet Products is that they are made in the USA in Wisconsin by disabled adults. So not only is it sustainable and durable, but it’s also supporting a good cause.

Bonne et Filou Is All Natural, Too!

Not only is our product delicious, but it’s also handmade with 100% natural, premium ingredients. Our treats are free of any artificial coloring or preservatives, corn-free, wheat-free, and locally sourced. Don’t believe that something so good for your royal pup can make them beg for more? You don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll let our product speak for itself. Check out our ingredients list and purchase our French-inspired dog macarons! We’ve even been featured in Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan magazines for our amazing macarons!

Moving Into A More Eco-Friendly World

We hope that we’ve inspired you to make more earth-friendly choices regarding your dog’s toys. Being kind to the planet doesn’t have to stop there, though. Try looking to purchase more of these types of items for your pets and yourself, too. Let’s all make this world a better place to live in! If you have any more ideas about green pet products, please contact us! You may get featured in our upcoming blogs or social media platforms!