Have you ever seen a dog so fashionable that they deserved a spot on the catwalk..or the (dog)walk? As New York Fashion Week approaches, we’ve become inspired by the upcoming looks both on the runway and the sidewalk. Brands like @Tellacouture and @Dolcedoggo are upgrading plain dog sweater attire into highly chased after pet couture!

Check out our list of 5 pets we consider the best-dressed pets in the new year. By following our list below, you will be sure to make your feed a touch more stylish!


Red Shiba, Kyomi, is not only one of the most adorable pets we’ve seen, but she is also an up and coming account that will capture your heart with her many cute outfits and adorable poses. Perhaps our all-time favorite outfit is pictured above. She is giving the Louis Vuitton models a run for their money in this effortlessly fashionable look.

Did you know that many people consider Shiba’s to be trendy pets? According to a Huffington Post article, the breed was the 45th most popular breed in 2015. I guess Kyomi was born to be a fashionista!


Joey and Cindy, known as the Peewee Brigade, are both senior rescue dogs, but being older than the average fashionista doesn’t slow them down when deciding what outfit they’re going to put on that day. You can find this brother and sister duo sporting sunglasses and a hoodie on their walks or a handcrafted sequin hat and jeweled necklace on a day that calls for something a little fancier. Regardless of the occasion, these two are a pair you need to follow.

Joey’s New Year’s Eve look is an absolute showstopper that we need you to see. Think Doggy disco ball, but huggable.


Tassels, faux glasses, and fur, OH MY! This sister duo lives in Southern California, SoCal, and it’s not surprising that they are an immensely fashionable pair. You can see both Oreo and Lola dripping in designer, flaunty in their doggy Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Can you say jealous?! As if they couldn’t get more flashy, they even wear light-up bandanas by the brand, Litewave on Instagram at @doggielitewave.

You will be filled with puppy love when you see Lola’s Valentine’s Day outfit! Lola, will you be our valentine?


Coordinating for these three pups is never an issue. Leo, Olivia, and Jolie know how to live their best triplet life, and we aren’t ever going to stop them! You can find their feed studded in Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. When scrolling through their Instagram, you’ll likely feel the urge to step up your luxury brand collection. These three genuinely belong in the NY Pet Fashion Show.

The highlight of their fashionable outfits has to be Leo’s Gucci attire. From the sweater to the bow and the sunglasses, he’s slaying the #dogfashionista game!


A dog + sunglasses + a scrunchie is everything we love and never knew we needed together. Ginger Devine is not just a regular Shih Tzu. She’s the most fashionable of her breed. Ginger knows how to dress for the occasion, from lazy days in her dog bed to game days with her favorite humans. Throughout her whole Instagram feed, she rocks bows, hats, and even spikes, too!

You need to see her furry versions of Cindy Lou Who, Elsa, and Beetlejuice. Once you follow, you won’t want to stop!

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