Things Only Dog Owners Would Understand

Your Dog is Your (Fur)Baby

Snapping pictures, constant couch cuddles, buying them clothes, talking about how cute they are, getting a dog-sitter when you go out. The list could go on. You know, just like all the things parents do with their human babies, your fur-baby truly becomes the center of your life and you’d do anything to spend more of your time with them!

Your Dog is the Best Cuddle Buddy

Studies have shown that people who sleep with their pups get better quality sleep, have lower levels of stress throughout the day, and feel more relaxed physically and mentally. Not only do they keep you warm and cozy - they make you feel happier too!
Bonne et Filou Cuddles

Their Puppy Dog Eyes Always Work

Okay, your dog shouldn’t have chewed on your new brand new stilettos, and they should have known better than to chew up anything in the house, to begin with. But when they look at you with those puppy dog eyes, they could get away with anything in the world.

You Understand What They Want Just By Looking at Them

You can always tell when your dog has to go out, feels uncomfortable, or is getting sleepy because well, it’s your dog! You spend the most time with them and have gotten to know their different looks and behaviors enough to know what they need or want in any situation.
Bonne et Filou Sleepy Dog

You Have So Many Nicknames For Them

You spent hours looking at lists of names online to decide what to name your new puppy. And you finally found the perfect name for them...that you will rarely use. At this point, you probably have about 20 different nicknames for your pup, and they understand every single one of them. It’s kind of like a secret code language between you and your four-legged BFF.

They’ll Do Anything For Treats

Your pup deserves only the healthiest, most luxurious, and tastiest treats you can give them. At Bonne et Filou, we’ve created the first French ultra-luxury dog macaron brand - because we understand that you want nothing more than to make your pup feel pampered and loved. And you know, they’ll do anything for a treat...or two!
Bonne et Filou Treats

Your Dog Eats Better Than You Do

You do endless research on everything your dog needs to be healthy. When you get to the store to buy dog food, you choose only the best food with all of the essential nutrients your pup needs. But...wait did you remember to eat lunch today?
Bonne et Filou Dog Kisses

So Many Kisses!

Chances are if you have a canine companion, you’ve gotten tons of kisses throughout the years. Research shows that dogs learn the licking behavior from their mothers as a way to show affection for her pups. So kisses really are their way of showing affection towards you or getting your attention. Aww!

They’re Always There For You

Whenever you have a bad day, your dog just seems to know. The second you walk through the door tired, stressed, and maybe a little sad, your four-legged BFF is there to greet you - and they’ll do anything to take your pain away. No matter what, they are always there to cuddle up next to you or lick your face and make you smile.