Dog Yoga Classes in NYC

Doga - it’s the newest trend in NYC. What is it and why is it gaining so much popularity? “Doga,” refers to yoga with dogs! And I think you can imagine why it’s gaining so much popularity in the city. I mean, what better way to practice your wellness and spend time deepening your relationship with your canine companion at the same time!

This year, make sure to include your four-legged BFF in your 2020 New Year’s Resolution with Doga. Keep reading to learn about the top Doga classes in NYC and health benefits of Doga for both you and your pup!
Bonne et Filou Doga

Health Benefits of Doga

Think about it - a yoga class, where you’re surrounded by your dog and other pups, who naturally offer therapeutic health benefits. It’s sure to give you an energy boost and make you feel much happier, in-turn making them feel much happier too!

Doga works on strengthening the special bond you have with your furry friend through an hour of dog cuddles and lots of puppy kisses, it’s truly the perfect way to spend time with your pup. Doga is also so relaxing! The calm environment and relaxing stretches will help make your dog feel much more relaxed. It’s also a great way to physically exercise for you both!

Top Doga Studios & Instructors


HealMe.NYC strives to provide a relaxing environment that is, as they call it, “the perfect blend of yoga and lovable cuddles from a four-legged friend.” The class is offered every Saturday at 2 p.m. at their studio on 23rd Street in New York, New York. Dogs and people are welcome for an hour of stress-relieving fun! The HealMe.NYC instructor, Melaney Wolf also offers private sessions for people and their dogs if you’d rather do that than the larger group session.

Anna Farkas

Anna Farkas is a well-known yoga instructor and teacher in Brooklyn. She is also a dog-lover who hosts private dog yoga sessions for clients. It’s truly a paw-sative experience for both pets and owners. The class begins with yoga poses that slowly allow you to incorporate your dog, fostering a deeper bond as you experience the many health benefits!

Bonne et Filou Dog Macarons

Don’t Forget to Pack Post-Doga Treats!

After a yoga session with your pup, treat them to Bonne et Filou ultra-luxury dog macaron treats! We understand that you want nothing more than to make your pup feel pampered and loved. Our decadent French-inspired dog treats will make your dog feel like royalty. Your pup can enjoy the deliciousness in lavender, strawberry, and mint. Trust us, they’re the perfect after-doga snack!

So, make Doga your New Year’s Resolution for 2020. For one hour a week, make it your resolution to become healthier and more mindful, while strengthening the special bond between you and your furry friend!

Throw on some yogas, grab your mat, and don’t forget to bring your pup! Nama-Stay!

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