Traveling With Your Furry Friend

With the holidays coming up, that means one thing...figuring out your travel plans! We know, if you can bring your four-legged BFF with you, you will fur-sure! Although traveling over the holidays with your canine companion can be ruff for both of you, it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you’re traveling by car or airplane over the holidays, it’s your job to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. So, before you em-bark on your new journey, make sure you’re prepared with these travel tips and ideas that will make the trip with your pup a total breeze!

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Prepare Ahead of Time With These Tips

  • Vet visit. Before your trip, schedule a veterinarian appointment with your primary vet for a health check.
  • Current shots. If your shot records are not up-to-date, you can address it during your vet health check-up. If your pup’s shots are current, be sure to take the paperwork with you while you travel.
  • Enough food. Prior to your travel date, buy another bag of fresh dog food. Be sure to bring enough to last a couple of days longer than the actual trip - because it’s much better to be prepared than not! Carry your dog’s normal food and water dish if possible as well.
  • Know your surroundings. When you set out for your pup-cation, know where the nearest emergency vet is and where the nearest dog boutique store is. Whether it’s unexpectedly cold and you need a dog sweater, more dog food, or a new toy, you’ll know exactly where to go.
  • Proper identification. Keep a collar and tag on your pup at all times. In case of any kind of emergency, the tag will have your name and contact information.
  • Toys. Have plenty of your canine companion’s favorite toys for the trip. A new toy may also keep them entertained and out of trouble!
  • Treats. Make sure you pack enough stylish and healthy Bonne et Filou macaron treats for your excursion with your pup. Trust us, they’ll lick your face for it!
  • Hotel. Before you leave for your trip, be sure to have a reservation at a dog-friendly hotel or with a family member who is okay with having the dog stay over.
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On the Road

Before your trip, get your furry friend used to taking short trips in the car. If you’re planning on letting them roam in the car, work on training them to stay seated and calm. Keep the car at a comfortable temperature and make frequent stops for bathroom and exercise breaks during your road trip.

In the Sky

Traveling by plane can be stressful for your dog. Be sure to read all of your airport’s pet travel regulations ahead of time so you’re prepared for whatever comes up. Most airports will require your pup to be seated in a carrier during the flight. Prior to your flight, choose an airport-approved carrying case that is large enough for your pup to move around in and will be comfortable for your pup. Be sure to label the carrying case with your name, your dog’s name, and your immediate contact information.

Getting your dog used to being in the carrier a few times before the flight will make them much more comfortable on the flight. Also having your dog’s favorite toy in the carrying case with them and having your pup with you on the flight will relieve some airplane anxiety for them.

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Treats, Treats, & More Treats!

As we mentioned before, your pup deserves all of the luxury, love, and treats in the world! Before your trip, be sure to stock up on Bonne et Filou luxury macaron treats. They’re not only stylish and delicious, but they’re also all-natural, healthy, and vet-recommended! Endorsed by Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, French Morning, and Pet Business, the French-inspired treats will have your dog feeling like royalty, whenever and wherever you are!

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