How to Pamper & Spoil Your Dog This Valentine’s Day

Love is a fur-letter word. This Valentine's day, don't' forget to show your pup some love with Valentines dog treats. Who shows you more love than your doggie? We bet it's a short list of names. Here are some ways you can return some of that love back to your canine companion.


At-Home Spa Day

There's nothing wrong with pampering your pooch for a special Valentine's dog treat. Some dogs like baths more than others, but this time go out of your way to make it special. Make sure you have a special shampoo to keep them clean and soft. If you wanna get fancy, now's the perfect chance!
Get the water temperature perfect and help your pup wash away the worries of the day. If they are like most dogs, they were due for a bath anyway! When you dry them off, be sure to pay extra attention to their favorite spots and give them a good scratch. Once they're all clean and dry, your doggie will have a renewed sense of excitement!

New Toys

Our dog, @mademoiselle_filou, like most, has a few special toys that after a weekend getaway she runs in and just HAS to play with. Imagine how excited your royal pup would be if you came home with a brand new one for them?! These Rosé wine bottle dog toys are adorable and perfect for Valentine’s Day. They’ll love the new addition and will definitely lick your face for it! Set aside an hour or two just to play with them with their new toy.

Bonne et Filou Macarons

Your dog should get to taste the most stylish and delicious treat on the market! Recommended by Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan, and many veterinarians, your pup will get to experience the luxurious royal life. Available in tasty lavender, strawberry, and mint, treat your dog to a healthy, decadent, French-inspired macaron treat...or two!

These magnificent morsels make the perfect Valentine's Dog Treats! Return the same unconditional love your pup gives you with Valentine's dog treats like one of our boxes of macarons. Your pup will feel on top of the world!


Take Them On a Walk

Is it just us or does your dog get SO excited for walks? It’s because they get to experience new sights and smells with their favorite person. Maybe they love to socialize with other dogs or people, but it’s a great way to not only get them out of the house for some fresh air but also to get them exercising.

Dog Massage

Being a dog is hard work! A gentle massage from their favorite hooman is a great way for you to help your pup relax and feel pampered. Start at their head and make soft, circular motions with your fingers (don’t press too hard). Stay away from their stomach area, and remember their favorite spots to be pet, whether it be their head or behind the ears. They’ll like the massage, but will love the special time with you!


Take A Day Off

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take some time to yourself and your pup! Let’s face it, life is stressful! Take a day off and spend it cuddling with your dog! Studies have shown that people who cuddle with their pups have lower levels of stress throughout the day, and feel more relaxed physically and mentally. Not only will your pampered pup keep you warm and cozy - they will make you feel happier too!